Rose Quartz Salon

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Welcome to Rose Quartz Salon

If you haven’t already noticed, we stylists take our jobs very seriously. There is plenty of stigma surrounding the beauty industry that has been there for years and years. We consistently fight against the ideas that we are “less than“ just because we “do hair“.

Ask anyone who gets a regular trim, color, highlights, or body treatment how much they enjoy their experience in our care. Ask them how good they feel when they walk out of a spa or salon after having someone pamper them and listen to them for a few hours. Have them tell you about how refreshed they think they look with a fresh blowout, or how relaxed they feel after their massage.

We in the beauty industry are really in the industry of people and we at @rosequartz_salon are not just here to make you look better. It’s not just about the fresh highlights or the new claws (Though we all love those too). It’s about the time spent with a trusted professional to give you the parts of your visual personality that make you who you are. It’s about spending time talking with your professional about your bad days and your good days, as well as enjoying a relationship with someone who truly knows you for who you are.

We are here to offer you up so much more than external beauty. We are here to exchange energy with you, and not only give you what we have to offer, but except from you the love and gratitude that you show us. We are so grateful for the support that each of us at Rose Quartz receive daily from all of our friends and clients!