Rose Quartz Salon

Hair, Nails, Massage, Waxing, Tattoos, Piercings, PMU, Tarot Readings

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Appointments Only. Sorry, we do not accept walk-ins. Please use our chat at the corner of the page to contact the salon.

Here at Rose Quartz Salon, beauty meets expertise! Our salon is a hub of creativity and talent, featuring a diverse team of professionals who are passionate about their craft. From skilled Hair Stylists who can transform your look with precision cuts and stunning colors to dedicated Estheticians who pamper your skin with luxurious treatments, we’ve got all your beauty needs covered under one roof right by Tipp Hill.

But that’s not all – we’re not your typical salon. We pride ourselves on being a haven for self-expression and creativity. In addition to our hair and skin care experts, we also have talented Tattoo Artists who can turn your body into a canvas of art. Whether you’re looking for a bold new hairstyle, a rejuvenating facial, or a one-of-a-kind tattoo, you’ll find it here.

Nail Salon photo of a gel manicure.
Tattoo designed and tattooed by Sam at Blackened Heart Tattoo a part of Rose Quartz Salon


Pricing is talked about during your personalized phone consultation to ensure we meet your specific needs.

Please select a specialist through our chat feature, leave your contact info, and they will get in touch to arrange your consultation.

Rose Quartz Hair Salon

Hair Color

Highlights, Custom Blonding Services, Vivid Fashion Colors, Balayage, Root Touch-ups, Grey Coloring and Touch-ups, and in the event, Corrective Color.


Women’s Cuts, Men’s Cuts, They/Them’s Cuts, Kid’s Cuts, Your Cuts!

Hair Style

Hair Extensions, Braids, Curls, and More! Check out our classes to learn how to properly use a curly iron or get those braids super tight!

Our stylists

Each specialist offers an array of services.

Sara Bosco - The Prismatic Stylist


Salon Owner / Hairstylist

Sara Bosco - The Prismatic Stylist




Sara Bosco - The Prismatic Stylist



Sara Bosco - The Prismatic Stylist



Sara Bosco - The Prismatic Stylist



Discover artistry and style combined! Send us a message in the chatbox in the corner to book a phone consultation. ✂️

Nail Salon and Spa

Caite sitting in a chair taking a selfie.



Nails: Manicure and Pedicures!

Skin Treatments: Facials and Waxing

Eyelash Extensions, Eyelash Lift, Eyelash Tint



Skin Treatments

Caite sitting in a chair taking a selfie.



Body and facial waxing

Chemical Peels

Dermaplaning facial

Brazilian Wax


Massage Therapy

Photo of Sam our massage therapist. Her hair is green like her plants!


Massage Therapist

Massage Services

Therapeutic Massage
Swedish Massage
Shiatsu Massage
Pregnancy Massage
Relaxation Massage
Light Touch Massage
Stretch Sessions
Chair Massage

Tarot Readings

Caite sitting in a chair taking a selfie.

Mystic Micha



Tattoos & Piercings

Moth tattooing someone's forearm.

Blackened Heart Tattoo

Tattoo Shop

Photo of Sam our massage therapist. Her hair is green like her plants!

inked by Kaitlyn

Cosmetic Tattoos (PMU)



Tooth Gems